Direct Mail Makeover


You’ve all watched TV shows where one random guest from the audience is chosen to get a makeover and you’ve also seen many advertisements for hair, makeup, wardrobe makeovers. You’ve most likely have also seen weekend warrior TV shows on how to makeover your house, your yard, etc.

Well, today let’s take a look at a makeover for your direct mail campaign. Why? In any business, fresh ideas are the lifeblood of creating awareness of brand, staying top-of-mind, and motivating for an “act now” response.
So, what’s to do first? Go back to the four basics; and those would be …
Review the process for creating Direct Mail – In my book it’s a 12 step process to trigger a direct action, a measurable action, at the right cost.

Develop your Game – For your direct mail campaign to succeed, you need to know what you want to happen. You must determine your offer, your target audience, and your direct mail piece format. Then create the appropriate art work including the copy and the design, and get it printed.

Deliver your Direct Mail Piece – Acquiring the data for your target market, standardizing the mailing addresses, and understanding how to take advantage of postal discounts is a large part of the direct mail process. An important partner in your direct mail success is a the U.S. Postal Service and if you play by its rules, not only will you save money, but you will ensure that your direct mail will arrive where you want it to … when you want it to: in the mailboxes of your prospective customers.

Measure Results – Your mailing is done; but did it work? What kind of response did you expect? This part of the “makeover” is just as important as the creating and mailing parts. In measuring results, you will be able to determine whether your direct mail campaign was a success or failure. Discovering which offers work best for you and in doing this, you should also consider “lifetime value”.

The Direct Mail Campaign Makeover can be overwhelming if you look at the big picture all at once; or it can be very rewarding if you break it down into phases and concentrate on each phase separately.
And, like many marketing departments, each of the above steps is probably worked on by various job teams, i.e., the market researchers, the market planners, the writers, the graphic designers, the IT database technicians, your print and mailing partners, your sales teams, and finally, your campaign analysts. The sum of these parts makeup the Direct Mail Campaign and working together from the beginning of the process keeps the end goal in mind and the campaign on target.

Want to learn more … well hopefully you will follow our Blue Dot Connections Blog throughout the month of January. Each week we will look at one of the four basic parts of a Direct Mail Campaign Makeover. We will show you how to begin and work through the process. By the end of January, you will be ready to begin your next Direct Mail Campaign with a “new look” and a “successful outcome.” See you next week for the 1st in the 4 basics of your direct mail makeover.

Happy New Year!

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